Education & Training Solutions

Education and Training Available

Class Training Options:

The curriculum is advanced as required within your organization’s time frame to achieve its operational and strategic goals.

  1. The Curriculum
    1. Classes, six (6) plus years available
    2. Over 40 seminars and workshops
    3. New employee orientation "as needed"
  2. Teaching/training models
    1. Train-the-Trainer, new trainees orientation
    2. Available by distance learning
      1. Satellite, internet enabled

Class Training Implementation

The pace of implementation is structured specifically to maximize your organization’s ability to absorb and implement the training outcomes, while maintaining its level of productivity. All classes, seminars and workshops are related with a common thread and accountability.

  1. Formalization of educational and training directives
  2. Demands of change influenced by your customers, suppliers and competition
  3. Adjustment by new employees demands, expansion, acquisition and growth