Issues You Face

We Are All Here Today Because...

We have a desire for a vibrant organization with integrity, impact and the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This quality organization, BSG “discovered”, has four objectives with common characteristics, which are:

Growth of our organization

  • Employees growing personally and professionally
  • Process(es) that are functional
  • The ability to change

Retain the integrity

  • Of our organization's name
  • Of our product and/or service
  • Of our work environment

Impact of our organization

  • With our customers and employees
  • Community and family
  • Raising the bar of quality in our industry

Time restraints that affect

  • Balance between family and work
  • Quality time spent wisely
  • Quality of life at work and home

These organization’s characteristics, we call the “Quality G.R.I.T.” Throughout today’s class think of how the 4 Barriers To Quality impact your 'Quality Bottom Line'.