Issues You Face

Barrier Two: Breaking Through Lack of Communication, Verbal or Written

The Product of Lack of Communication

With lack of communication we see pent up frustration as employees are doing what they perceive is wanted. Employees are fearful and assume the worst as the rumor mill churns out one negative rumor after another. Fear shuts down the employees and one-way communication is the norm. There is now a complete frustration of communication between jobs, departments and divisions, as well as between management, employees and unions.

Because the process and system is so often not defined and written down there is usually a miscommunication between the employees. We do things over and over. Without open and honest communication between all levels education and training are not positively embraced. Negative attitudes are condoned because we are not holding them accountable daily therefore they are being encouraged.

How Do We Address the Lack of Communication

With open and honest communications we remove the fear of expression/action which shuts down employees, they start to open up. Leadership is encouraging daily and negative attitudes are unacceptable. We attack the issues—nothing else, not our department, decisions, or people.

When we recognize of the importance of education and training the organization and its employees becomes proactive instead of reactive which translates throughout the business culture and prosperity. If we want accountability it must be in writing.

See the Results

Over time trust is developed and there is more collaboration between departments. Communication becomes effective and supports diversity and respect of co-workers. Because there is a free flow of information the rumor mill is stopped and stress is reduced.

Your internal as well as external customers and suppliers are all on the same firm foundation of “we know where we stand”. It is very important to everyone to communicate what we can and cannot do. Deadlines are now well throughout and communicated and therefore obtainable.

Quality Note:

Image descriptionCommunication must be encouraged and modeled by leadership. Communication that is to be held accountable must be in written form. Remember– break the habit of the negative rap.