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BSG International Philosophy

Our system of thinking believes that the essence of value for any business is its employees. Ninety-nine percent of any employee-base consists of good people who have the inclination to do good or what is right. This belief includes the management, leadership and the ‘front-line’ workers alike.

The workforce already possesses the fortitude and moral strength to produce any piece of assigned work, regardless of the demands of labor. For the worker to meet these demands, the employer must furnish the means of support training, process implementation and accountability. The worker is only as good as the training.

Management must provide the necessary training in a strategically planned manner. For an employee to have an impact on the organization’s perception to the surrounding business world, that employee must first go through a process of self realization, job task understanding, co-dependency and teamwork awareness, and product advancement. This personal awareness will afford the worker the opportunity to impact the whole organization and to experience personal professional growth as well.

The twenty-first century will demand a solid foundation for continuance and growth of business. We call this foundation the BaseValues® concept. This foundation of principles and rules determines conduct and habit, which in turn affects the employees common welfare. There must be a systematic approach to the elimination of the 4 Barriers and this demand can be met by the Applied Business Science®, or “ABS”, curriculum.

The 4 Barriers, not individual employees, are responsible for process inefficiencies and conditions that create stress on workers. Management’s responsibility is to identify and define services and processes, communicate that information to staff, and organize training and the monitoring of that training among staff. This must be coupled with an unconditional support from administration and the organization’s leadership.