Agent of Change

BSGI/ABS: Culture Change/Reinforcement

In our Applied Business Science© program, BSG International provides training and educational programs specific to building the implementation tools needed to address employees abilities to Manage, Plan, Schedule and Monitor (MPSM). These skills are transferable and universal to the organization, regardless of department or job duties.

The predictable results from our Applied Business Science© is that as the organization evolves, the culture change reflects the acquisition of improved awareness of quality and process efficiency. The skills addressed in Applied Business Science©

  1. Quality Culture
  2. The 4 Barriers To Quality Awareness and Application
  3. Formalization of the organization structure
  4. The systems to manage, plan, schedule and monitor (MPSM©) agreed upon systems
  5. Preventive and Correctional skills
  6. Analytical skills
  7. Personal, Professional and Process continuance and growth
  8. Continuous Improvement of operations via employees