Issues You Face

Barrier Three: Breaking Through Lack of Written Procedure

The Product of Lack of Written Procedure

Informal organizations are the product of the lack of written procedure. An informal system and process can not be trusted which creates fear. There is poor training for the job and therefore even more painful cross training.

Reactive seat-of-the pants running of the business – crisis management. More days then not are spent putting out fires because of the lack of monitoring of the systems. The training and improvement of the system and process or “the job” is lacking accountability and predictability because “you can’t improve until you define”.

How Do We Address the Lack of Procedure

When we make the move from implied to written procedure we remove the fear which reinforces the change process and accomplishments. We hold accountable what we have agreed upon by managing, planning, scheduling and monitoring the systems.

Employees gain the skills to define processes, steps, and procedures which become a great tool for future training.

See the Results

With daily reinforcement and written procedure employees become secure with holding accountable and encouraging participation. Management systems are defined. Systems and processes are within a controlled state – prime for improvement.

We now have an organization full of trainers by the job/system approach. Easier cross training for employees as well as new employee training which translates into reduced cost of doing business. Employees take more pride in their work.

Quality Note:

Image descriptionA system and process cannot be improved until it is defined. Once the system and process has been defined it can be improved. “Just by defining the system or process, you improve it”.