Issues You Face

What Are the 4 Barriers to Quality?

98% the problems encountered by an organization in building business infrastructure fall into the following 4 barriers to quality:

  1. Fear of expression and/or actions.
  2. Lack of communication (verbal and/or written).
  3. Lack of written procedure.
  4. Lack of training.

If the four barriers are faced by using the BaseValues concept, quality can be achieved.


The foundation of principles and rules that determines conduct and habit, which in turn affect all employees’ common welfare. The company must hold and be held accountable for these BaseValues8. The underlying structure is built on "the two rules":

  1. Do what is morally and ethically correct.
  2. Treat everyone as you want to be treated.

Quality Issues

Any violation of one or two of Athe two rules. A quality issue can be because of process, procedure, personality or people. All quality issues8 are purely by volunteer and it=s process is used at the choice of the employees, it is recommended to use the organizations existing system, but when fear exists, that system has probably not been used.

Remember - Don't board the Blame Plane and start attacking each other. If because of habit you still feel the need to blame, blame The 4 Barriers To Quality, not each other.