About Us

BSG International History and Experiences

Spanning more than a decade, BSGI consulting services has developed and successfully implemented programs that produced results far beyond customer expectations. The curriculum was tested and improved in actual working conditions prior to market introduction.

We have accumulated in excess of 20,000 hours of research, development and implementation to outline our program. Our success has been used in a wide variety of businesses and markets including government and education, warehousing and distribution, and services and manufacturing. The communication and process skills acquired by the participants in our curriculum provide transferable application at work as well as home.

BSG International has launched a truly unique full line-training program, made possible by the Base Work Center® concept. This concept encompasses every job, process, step, procedure and department that can be managed, planned, scheduled, monitored and held accountable.

The training is delivered while your organization is in operation; it is managed change. BSGI clarifies and reinforces the values and ethics of a better organization to promote local, state, regional, and in some cases, national service impact. The result is open and honest communication and objective systems accountability and measurements. It encourages the professional development of employees supported by a corporate culture that emphasizes quality as its core competency. BSG International’s goal is to provide the most return for the educational dollar invested. We focus on the application of the process instead of theoretical best practices so managers will quickly see the impact of training.

The end result of our integration with your company is employees are better equipped to perform in today’s challenging, diverse, and ever-evolving work environment. It also prepares managers and supervisors to more objectively measure performance using proven techniques that build organizational team work, understanding, and therefore profitability!

The curriculum is tailored to the organizational needs and budgeting goals.