Issues You Face

Negative Influence

The 1% Profile

The 1% profile is lacking both positive and constructive character, using deception for unlawful gain and unjust advantage of others and at their expense. These impulses are subdued or repressed at times, but in time, the “good tree” will bear good fruits and the bad tree will bear bad fruits. The history (often hidden) of the tree will bear the future fruits either good or bad.

Baseless Character

The 1% thrives both at work and at home when things are done in an informal way. We allow the 1% to manipulate both the organization and the team members.

Negative Influence
  Informal Organization Business and Personal Life
1 Status Quo Resist Accountability
2 Moving Target No Commitment
3 Reaction No Discipline
4 Fire Fighting Starts Problems
5 Demoralizing One Tragedy to Another
6 Suspicious Doubts All
7 Half Truths Lying
8 Chaos Life Out of Order
9 Won't Take a Stand Sitting on the Sidelines
10 Stand Fast My Way or the Highway
11 Management Control and Manipulation

The 20% Rule

The 1% influences up to 5% of workforce with the same negative attitude. This in turn affects up to an additional 14% with daily conflict. This 20% cancer is permeating through out the organization on a continual basis, a continual stirring of “The Pot of Conflict”.