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How To Get Started!

Option 1:

Suggested applications

Option 2:

The introduction of the 4 Barriers To Quality Awareness Seminar: Who should attend? Leadership, education training personnel, management/supervisor, non-management, support staff. Review with operational leadership, including field/service, maintenance, production warehouse/shipping and receiving, and inventory/staging. The order/request support/processing of our product/service

Option 3:

The assessment of the organizational concerns

Option 4:

Introduction to the Applied Business Science© Curriculum

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Class/Training
Option 5:

Introduction by specific use

  • Management systems
  • Non-management systems
  • Internship for future leaders and employee retention programs
  • Structured continuous educational classes
Option 6:

The assessment of the existing education/training programs

  • Benefitting from skills and systems already in place
  • BaseWork Systems as a management system for existing education/training
Option 7:

Strategic Planning for Educational Training strategies to maximize the following:

  • MPSM past, present and projected strategies from implementation to realization
Option 8:

BSG International: BSG is capable of providing curriculum to support both short and long term needs

Option 9:

Starting your own School of Applied Business Science©

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