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Image descriptionBSG International uses a leader in eLearning systems innovation to deliver our education and training solutions. Through this pathway, we are able to offer certificates of completion you and your employees, no matter what size. In addition to being a standalone content delivery platform, our system supports Blackboard and Moodle integration so that BSGI material can be easily incorporated directly into your organization's existing learning management system (LMS). When necessary, content can be customized to meet your organization's needs.

  • Presentations: Include video, audio, slides and web pages into lessons
  • Files: Upload and attach any type file as part of the lesson
  • Assignments: Include assignments that can be instructor graded or auto graded
  • Tests: Build auto grading tests with True/False, multi-choice questions
  • Certificates: Build a customized certificate that is generated for each student that passes the course

Deliver Courses

Image descriptionWe offer virtually unlimited flexibility for delivering material.

  • Registration: Students can self-register or you can register them.
  • Notification: Receive automatic notification of registration, element completion or course completion
  • Availability: You determine what content is available and when. Limits and tracking can be setup for any element
  • Completion: You set the criteria for course completion based on content or schedule