Agent of Change

Profile of Change

As the directives unfold, events and actions will surface in key areas of organizational evolvement.

  1. Personal Development: The good and marginal habits of self, organization and co-workers are discovered with a course of action.
  2. Professional Development: Transferable skills that apply job specific, become the hard assets and soft skills to the organization.
  3. Process Development: As processes are developed, systems are defined showing organizational opportunities through individual team members.

Breaking Through The 4 Barriers To Quality Existing Way of Doing Business
Formal Informal
1. Leadership Management
2. Concession Stand Fast
3. Commitment Won't Take a Stand
4. Consistency Chaos
5. Truthful Half Truths
6. Trustful Suspicious
7. Motivating Demoralizing
8. Monitoring Fire Fighting
9. Maintenance Reaction
10. Accountability Moving Target
11. Improvement Status Quo