Issues You Face

Organizational Change

The Product of Resistance to Change

Change is fear. With the fear of change comes the “doing business as usual” mentality. We will continue down the familiar path until a change is forced upon us. Now the change is brought about by force and there is an even greater increase of the fear.

There is a lack of communication in regards to the benefits of change. This failure of communication only reinforces the fear for change. If change does not involve the employees this will only increases the level of stress regarding the change.

With the lack of written procedure there is no formal plan for change. This leaves no path to follow for training as well as a lack of identifiable skill necessary to complete the change.

We must hold the organizational accountable for the conducts and actions of the “resistance to change”. By not holding accountable we undermine the change creating a spirit of fear.

How We Address the Resistance to Change

When leadership and management are leading the way fear takes a back seat. Change is the reward that comes from positive reinforcement through open and honest communication.

With a formalized plan of action for change we focus on the 99% and not the 1%. Because all are participating and included there is education and training of the skills required and we have a venue to hold accountable the conduct and actions of the organization.

The Results of Breaking Through the 4 Barriers

Fear leaves when the employees are secure within the organization and there is now a positive response to change. Because change is now seen as a positive the employees are growing and leading the change and there is a quicker response to market demands. The overriding mentality is to do things the right way rather then to keep “doing business as usual”.

Everyone knows where the organizations is headed and are participating and being held accountable which set the origination free to engage the change. There is a better balance between family and work as the employees thrive, so does the business.

Quality Note:

Image descriptionLeadership must lead change and communicate that change with all the employees. The employees are powerless to change without a system of change with leadership leading the change.