About Us

BSG International Executive Summary

BSG International takes a holistic approach to process/systems knowledge. Through class room and curriculum study, an awareness of operational processes is trained, developed and then applied. Knowledge is power and in the hand of a organization’s employees, this power is the driving force to operating as a uniform body or organism, with the company’s standards and vision as the primary goal.

Introduction to BSG International

BSG International provides the external expertise to provide educational and training programs specifically designed to enhance your organization’s competitive advantages and deliver more profits through the development or enhancement of a quality culture.

We recognize that there may have been, or is currently, training programs or templates that your company has invested in, but the BSG International program is evolutionary by nature. We integrate with, and improve on, past training and company strategic initiatives while focusing on the improvement of the core competencies required by organizations in order to be prosperous.

BSG International’s full line of programs will provide personal, professional and process development skills. The outcome is an organization capable of cost reduction through an improved quality culture that promotes employee continuity and growth opportunities.

Our development platforms are listed as follows; Curriculum, Team, Team Member, Leadership and Executive. The Pathways of interaction and implementation are flexible depending on your organization’s education/training infrastructure.

After many years of organizational systems and process assessment, our conclusion is that the organization’s desire for quality is distracted by 4 primary barriers to quality. They are:

    1. Fear of expression and/or action
    2. Lack of communication
    3. Lack of procedure
    4. Lack of training

Often times, the mentor or “change agent(s)” you are seeking is/are already present in your organization, so a portion of our role would be to develop your organization’s program for excellence together.