Issues You Face

Barrier Four: Breaking Through The Lack of Training

The Product of Training

When training is viewed as an expense and not a way of improvement it is put on the back burner. Training is only started after a problem exists. There is a prevailing idea that education or training will take time away from doing my job and I already stressed. I’m at the breaking point of responsibilities, overwhelmed and I cannot take on anything else.

Education/Training needs to be communicated as a way of growing and improving the way we are doing business today. When leadership has not committed to a formal education and training program management skills are assumed and the employees are powerless with no formal way to solve problems.

With no formal education and training program participation is not held accountable. This lack of accountability undermines the whole effort.

How Do We Address the Lack of Training

Both long term and short term change are best addressed through training. With a formal education and training program in place it will give better ability to do the job right the first time and bring a sense of trust to the systems. An education and training program is seen as a way to positively communicate the commitment to improve and grow the business.

Because the training commitment is from the top down all employees stay engaged in personal, process and professional development. There is a wide scale accountability of all employees’ participation in the training requirements.

See the Results

Change now becomes the organization culture as the employees are empowered to assume the responsibility to improve their jobs. The prevailing attitude is that is “ok” for employees to participate is training. We become an organization of change agents.

Positive, open and honest communication attracts quality new hires and customers. Education and training becomes an asset for profits, growth, change and employee well being. Personal and professional skills are developed as the process and systems are defined as a person grows personally they grow professionally.

Quality Note:

Image descriptionThe organization must provide a formalized training/educational program/curriculum for continuance and growth of the organization.